Commercial New building

Elefsis is capable of constructing ships up to 200 meters in length, which is the present size of the building berth. It is possible however to increase the maximum length if the need arises.

Elefsis reputation as a builder of quality ships is further enhanced by the delivery, in just 17 months from keel laying to completion, of the passenger ferry “NISSOS CHIOS” that was voted as Ship of the year for 2007. Designed by Delta Marine of Finland and built in accordance with IMO code and classed by RINA register, she has a steel hull and light-alloy superstructure and complies with the stringent requirements of SOLAS. The design is based around a vehicle capacity of 418 cars or 139 cars and 45 trucks, carried on five decks with a passenger complement of 1800 laid out on two decks that include comfortable and luxurious lounges with aircraft type seating, restaurants, bars and 74 cabins with a total of 252 beds.

Open Type Roro Coastal Ferries
Designed to provide the necessary waterborne link between the capital of Venezuela Caracas and Isla Margarita this order is for two open type RoRo Coastal Ferries. They have a hull given over to vehicle accommodation surmounted by an aft superstructure topped with a navigating bridge. The 84m steel hull can load up to 104 cars or 18 trailers on a single deck. The vehicle and passenger access is by way of doors / ramp at the front end. In the superstructure lounge-type seating is provided for 400 persons.

Elefsis Shipyards Designed constructed two vessel for an order of the custom services of the Ministry of Finance. The aluminium craft have a displacement of about 25 tons and are 15,65m Loa, 4,52m beam and 0,92m draught. The maximum speed is about 30 knots. They are the only boats in their class that are fully Lloyds classed.

The Delta - Verenike is a triangular shaped self propelled special purpose vessel able to keep station to +/- 1m and operate up to force 4 beaufort. Equipped with several winches and cranes and fitted with a dynamic positioning mechanism she is to be used as a stable platform for the deployment of the components of the Cubic Kilometer Neutrino Telescope at a depth of 5200m, a pioneer instrument which will be used in the study of Neutrino radiation.