Hellenic Navy Ships


Under construction are a series of seven in total FAC (Fast Attack Craft) of Vosper Thornycroft design. These 62 meter ships carry the latest generation Exocet missiles and are considered the most modern front line units of the H.N.


In 2003 Elefsis delivered the largest ship of the Hellenic Navy, Promitheus. It is a Fincantieri design and serves as the main support ship for the Hellenic Navy, offering services ranging from refuelling to medical facilities,and can carry two helicopters.

LSTs, Jason class

In 2001, Elefsis Shipyards concluded the construction of 3 Landing Ships - LSTs, Jason class, for the Hellenic Navy. The ships are 115,9 meters overall with operational speed of 16knts, can accommodate 374 infantry, with the possibility of transporting up to 1.200 infantry if needed. The ships can also carry 17 amphibious assault vehicles, 15 trucks, and has a heli deck.