In the field of Repairs & Conversion Works in particular the Shipyard has expanded in the last ten years in the of sector of Offshore business undertaking with success several projects concerning Semi-submersible Drilling Units.
The Atwood Eagle underwent major conversion and upgrading works, the Pride North America was in for special survey and upgrading works and the Scarabeo 6 for main class intermediate upgrading / maintenance works.
From the Energy sector the Shipyard has also undertaken various other jobs such as the conversion of the tanker Aqua Blue into a floating storage/processing station, the construction of several spreaders and pressure vessels for domestic and international customers and the construction of two offshore platforms, one flare tower and three access bridges complete with electrical and mechanical instruments and equipment for the oil exploitation plant at the Prinos field in North Aegean Sea.

Scope of Works
• Special Survey repairs
• Structural Repairs
• Installation of heavy Rig equipment and machinery
• Main engine installation
• Ballast tank cleaning, anode replacement and valves overhauling
• Accommodation quarters repairs
• Overhauling, gritblasting and painting of drilling equipment
• ICCP system installation
• Anchor wires replacement
• Electrical repairs
• Pipe construction and renewal works
• Deadweight survey

Scope of Works
• Three thousand tons of steel were prefabricated and installed
• The Unit was drydocked for underwater additions, repairs and coating
• A new deckhouse for 120 crew was fabricated, outfitted and installed
• Heavy drilling equipment and machinery were overhauled
• An inclining experiment was organized and carried out
• Full staging erected and removed to allow for the complete blasting and coating of all external areas.

Scope of Works
During its main class intermediate survey and maintenance works the Unit carried out, amongst others, the following works:
• Anchor Chains were removed and ranged out for inspection, calibration, pressing of loose stands, NDT testing and full SPS recertification.
• Anchor Winches were completely overhauled for repairs and modification to the brake system.
• Anchor Chain Fairleads repairs.
• Anchor Racks extensive repairs
• Drawworks and turntable motors complete over hauling.
• Installation of two Mud Transfer Pumps.