The Yard operates three conventional floating  docks fitted with hydraulic dock arms and adjustable side blocks, fresh water / sea water, compressed air, liquid propane, steam, AC/DC power supplies and phone connections,with following particulars:

Floating Dock






22,000 dwt

75,000 dwt

120,000 dwt

Lifting Capacity

7,500 tons

18,000 tons

28,000 tons

Length O.A

162 metres

227 metres

252 metres

Max Vessel Length

164 metres

230 metres

276 metres

Width Between Walls

24 metres

35 metres

41 metres

Max Vessel Breadth

22.80 metres

32.20 metres

40 metres


2x5 tons

2x18 tons

2x12 tons

Shipbuilding Facilities

A 200m x 55m  building  berth  for constructing  ships of up to 100,000 DWT. This building  berth is served by a 400 tons capacity Gantry  crane.

A newly constructed shipbuilding  hall for building  ships under  cover up to 100m in length.

A 6,600m2 covered steel  fabrication  shop  fully equipped   for cutting, forming  & welding of steel  and  aluminum  plates and  profiles.

A variety of boring,milling machines and lathes cover the full marine applications including repairs & machining operations to heavy gear such as rudders,tailshafts,thrusters.

Pipes are cut and bent by highly pro- ductive cutting and forming equipment Three CNC  Pipe Bending machines can bent pipes up to 8 “.Pipe shop has facilities to flush hydraulic piping andto test hydraulically pipes and fittings.

Highly skilled fit- ters and welders can perform any kind of welding whatever the material (HP pipes, St.steel, Copper, Cunifer, Alluminum al- loys, etc).

Granage Yard’s Cranes:

Gantry cranes up to 400 tons Pier cranes up to 40 tons Overhead travelling cranes up to 30 tons Land mobile cranes up to 90 tons A large number of forklifts, cherry pickers and moving platforms.

AVAILABLE LOCALLY BY SUBCONTRUCTORS : Floating cranes up to 200 tons Land mobile cranes up to 650 tons.


Depending on their size the yard can accommodate simultaneously 7 to 10 ships alongside ts repair piers, which are provided with all necessary service networks and served by cranes up to 40 tons.


Yard’s specialist corrosion control contractors are able to undertake a broad range of mainte¬nance projects, such as gritblasting, hydrojet¬ting, gas-free cleaning, painting and scaffolding, in all areas of the vessel including tankcoating works.With the most up-to-date technology and modern equipment, such as dehumidifiers and dust collectors, they are able to control the temperature and humid¬ity independently of ambient weather conditions and by monitoring closely every step of the process they achieve high quality standards with high productivity and cost efficiency.

Several computer  controlled  (CAD –CAM) equipment   to ensure precision  work.

Heavy  lift transporters for moving  subassemblies.

IACS Classification  approved welders  for welding  steel, stainless  steel  and  aluminum  alloys.

Computer  software for ship design  and  naval architectural  calculations.

Panel line system.

Plasma and  laser cutting machines. CNC Profile cutting machines.

Elefsis Shipyards Design Office  uses CAD – CAM system  in conjunction  with state of the art equipment  in order to deliver  excellent production  results.

Ship basic  design  and  calculations  are done  with the assistance  of TRIBON software program.

Various other software programs  in use include:
Program for checking  IACS new URS (B.V) Steel  (B.V)