Human Resources


Elefsis employ a permanent staff of around 900 out of which approx 630 are involved in the Production. All employees are carefully selected to ensure they possess the required qualifications, skills and knowledge. The Yard employ, when necessary, properly qualified and ISO certified subcontractors mainly from the local Athens/Piraeus greater area. All subcontractors are vetted by the appropriate department and their performance is monitored and evaluated by the Production Department. When employed the subcontractors are under the direct control of the Production and QC Departments of the Yard. Yard’s facilities at peak periods allow for the employment of up to 2500 persons.

For large projects our Organization follows the “Project Team” concept having a team of engineers headed by the Project Manager fully dedicated to the Project and working side by side with the Client’s Representatives. The fact that 70 % of our clientele is non-Greek has enabled our staff to build a good understanding and communication level with International customers. The members of the Project Team as well as the Management Staff are fluent in English and many have been educated in English speaking Universities. Outside the necessary qualifications, knowledge, ability and professionalism the Yard’s Project Team is particularly focused into establishing a clear understanding of the Client’s needs and priorities. Close cooperation with the Client through daily Production Meetings and Management Meetings. Makes it possible to accomplish every task with in the specified timeframe while ensuring safety and efficiency in every operation.

A Centre for Vocational Training was set up to prepare the workforce in new technologies and help in the certification process where that is needed.